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Diploma theses

After all of your hard work has been done and your diploma thesis is written, it still needs to be properly assembled.
We print and bind diploma theses, along with other school and final papers.

To make sure that the printout does not differ from your completed work, we recommend submitting your files in PDF format. This will also help to speed up the completion of the work.

A4 1-sided print – 0,06 €/page
A4 2-sided print – 0,12 €/page
A4 1-sided colour print – 0,35 €/page
Binding with hard covers – 4,90 €

We bind diplomas in A4 format covers with a metal binding along either the shorter or the longer side, and in A3 format along the shorter side.
Covers come in black, grey, dark blue, dark green and burgundy.
We offer covers with mentioned colours for placing the binding along the longer side in A4 format; if you are interested in A3 covers or placing the binding along the shorter side of A4, please ask our customer service regarding availability.
In addition, we offer gold and silver foil printing for the covers of diploma thesis with a smooth black surface. The printing on the cover will be ready within a couple of working days. The above is available from our Mustamäe tee 50 office.

We recommend ordering diploma thesis printing and binding from our e-shop!

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head of sales department


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Palme Kaggovere

sales consultant


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