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Foil printing

Foil printing helps to add an effect to bindings and printed material. We print in gold and silver on materials with smooth surfaces, such as diploma covers, document covers, diplomas and certificates of honour. We also accept custom orders for foil printing with other colours, for example, on business cards, invitations and diplomas.

Digital foil printing

Printing is possible on smooth surfaces

  • print area 55 x 203 mm
  • the maximum thickness of the printed product is 22 mm

To ensure that the printout does not differ from your design, we recommend submitting your files in PDF format. This will also help to significantly speed up the completion of the work.

Manual foil printing (with stacking)

Printing is also possible on lightly embossed material

  • maximum row length of 160 mm
  • text using Latin characters in the Candara font, with a height of 4 mm, 5.5 mm and 9 mm
  • text in Cyrillic using the Times New Roman font (capital letters), height of 9 mm

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