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Printing of drawings

We print drawings with a width of up to 1500 mm, in colour and black and white. We also fold and bind.

We have to be able to open drawing files with the software we are using: Microsoft Office, Autodesk AutoCAD, Adobe Acrobat, Corel Draw or file formats which the above mentioned programmes are able to open. In order to guarantee the correct letter styles, line widths, colours and scale of drawings, we ask that print files be prepared (.plt or .pdf files).

To order, send the desired drawing files vial e-mail to
If the files are too big to be sent by e-mail, they should be sent via Wetransfer or uploaded to the FTP and the order should be sent via e-mail to the office where you would like to pick up the work.
Also a courier may deliver the completed work to your designated address within the city limits of Tallinn and the surrounding area.

Folding of drawings:

  • folding with a binding edge 185 + 25mm
  • folding with an adhesive strip 198 + 12mm
  • folding with a folder width of the 210mm
  • folding with a folder width of 190 mm (fits in A4 plastic pocket)

Drawings are usually in A-format.

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Gabriel Koplimaa

head of sales department


Phone: +372 507 6604



Palme Kaggovere

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