Photo on canvas

We print photos on high quality canvas, which we then mount on a 20 mm thick wooden base-frame.

The perfect finish ensures an excellent result, one that beautifies the interior.
The set includes a frame with wedges and wire and eyelets for hanging.
The minimum size of the canvas frame is 300 x 300 mm. The maximum length of the shorter side of the photo canvas is 1400 mm; the length may be up to a few metres.

If you don’t have a suitable photo, then you can find one here Istockphoto. Picture files can be purchased from us.

Suggestions for the file

Since the picture extends onto the edges of the frame, please take this into consideration when selecting a picture, so that important elements are not left on the edge of the picture.
A bleed of 45 mm on each side is recommended for the photo canvas, which will remain visible on the edge of the frame.
If necessary we may mirror the image or add background colour to the edges.

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Eerik Överus

Eerik Överus

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Birgit Karras

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