Table place cards

Table place cards, Nametags, Neck ID badges

When organising conferences and other events in which the participants don’t know each other, neck ID’s or nametags are a necessity. They are also suitable for helping distinguish team members from other participants. However, if you are organising a festive event, such as a wedding or anniversary events, then you will need table place cards.

Neck IDs are laminated and/or on a plastic base, with a lanyard cord.
Nametags are placed in a plastic holder and attached to the chest with a safety pin or gator clip. Nametags measure 9 x 5.4 mm.
We print exactly as many Neck IDs and nametags as you need.

We also prepare table place cards. The selection includes a number of different design papers, available for viewing at our offices. Name cards can be made in different sizes, based on need.

We ask that the list of names to be printed on Neck IDs, nametags and table place cards be submitted in the form of an Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc table, with the text that is to be placed on different rows located in separate columns.

If you have a design send us the design of one card and we add the names.
You can also order the design from us.

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