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We offer a fast and flexible opportunity to prepare, interior elements, advertisements, POS displays, etc., which specifically match by your business, using innovative Re-board.

Re-board is a light, durable board with a fluted core and a printable surface. It is made from paper, being environmentally friendly and easy to recycle.

With our equipment, we are able to easily prepare objects with very unique shapes and uses. Since Re-board can be printed on in its entirety, it provides an especially good opportunity to give products a design that meets your company’s needs. Re-board furniture is easy to disassemble and weighs very little, which means it is easy to store.

Furnishings, such as cubicles with printed sides are an easy way to make shop displays more exciting. With the aid of product bases, it is possible to quickly and easily change a display when a new product series arrives.

We have a broad selection of ready-made designs for products, to which we add the client’s logo, product photos, design elements and colours. After which we print, cut and assemble the pieces.
The products in the selection include shelves, counters, tables, chairs, drawing boxes, cubicles and walls. We also manufacture products based on the drawings of the client, or design them based on need.

We can offer black and white plastic edging for re-board products.

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Gabriel Koplimaa

Gabriel Koplimaa

head of sales department
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Sigrid Lemba

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