Printing on a board

Are you looking to print interior design artwork, exhibition works, advertising boards, site notice boards, signs and signposts or fair furniture and walls, then we can put all of it together for you. Printing on boards is quick and affordable! We perform UV and weather proof printing directly on the board. All level surfaces and smooth materials with a thickness of up to 6 cm are suitable for use as base materials for printing.

We can print boards with a maximum width of 1600 mm and a length that is based on the size of the board (up to 3200 mm).

The advantages of UV-proof printing:

Material samples can be seen at our shop.

We recommend using light KAPA boards in interior spaces, which can be glued to the wall, hung or mounted on a frame. It is suitable for use in making interior pictures, exhibition works and advertising boards. An environmentally friendly mechanical pulp filled KATZ Display board covered with paper is also suitable.

Re-board, which is environmentally friendly, light, but at the same time has a rigid, fluted core of 100% paper material, can be used to make furniture and interior elements for fairs, exhibitions, shops or offices and POS displays for product presentations.

You may also order packages and packaging prototypes from us.

We can offer durable PVC, BIP, Viscom or composite boards, which are suitable for making advertising, site and information boards and signs and signposts.

We also offer custom cutting of boards on a CNC cutting bench.

Let your imagination roam and use custom-made advertising products to improve your visibility!

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