Submitting an order

From GRANO web shop

Ordering from the web shop is easy and deadlines are short.
Products you can order from GRANO’s web shop: business cards, diploma theses, postcards, flyers, calendars, posters, roll-up displays and interior pictures – photo on foam board, photo on canvas.
We add products frequently.

Mustamäe tee 50

From January 2023, no work will be carried out in the presence of the customer. We are waiting for the materials in advance by e-mail


Please send your orders to:

For delivery you may choose courier service or order to parcel machine. Or pick the job up from our Mustamäe tee 50 office.

When submitting an order, please add your contact number.
Send order to only one of our addresses.

The minimum price of one order is 5 EUR.

File transfer

Grano Digital file upload environment

Larger files (over 5 MB) can be uploaded to our upload environment.

In the upload form, fill in your contact information (e-mail and telephone).

In the job description box, you can give us information or comments about the job. There is no need to duplicate the list of file names here.

NB! Clients cannot see the files to ensure their confidentiality. This means you will not see the files you have uploaded either.

There is no need to call or send an email about your upload. We will receive a notification with your contacts and job information that you filled in on the upload page.

Using WeTransfer

If you wish, you can also send large files to us using the file transfer environment. It is a simple and free service. In addition to sending the file, please also submit the order by e-mail – see the instructions above!