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Submitting an order

From GRANO web shop

Ordering from the web shop is easy and deadlines are short.
Products you can order from GRANO’s web shop: business cards, diploma theses, postcards, flyers, calendars, posters, roll-up displays and interior pictures – photo on foam board, photo on canvas.
We add products frequently.


Please send your orders to:

For delivery you may choose courier service or order to parcel machine. Or pick the job up from our Mustamäe tee 50 office.

When submitting an order, please add your contact number.
Send order to only one of our addresses.

File transfer

Using WeTransfer

If the files are too big to be sent via e-mail (over 5 MB), they can be sent using WeTransfer which is an easy way and a free service. Submit the order the same way as via e-mail.


Another way to transfer files to us is using FTP. We recommend using a freeware FTP programme, such as FileZilla or FreeFTP. Upload the files and submit your order via e-mail per the instructions above.
Grano FTP access:
User: k3
Password: pLot

If you don’t have any FTP software, the files can also be uploaded as follows:
Press the Start button, select Run. In the window that opens, write: explorer.exe and click OK.
Next, write the following in the address line of the opened window: and click Enter.
You will then be asked for the user name and password.
From this point on you can continue by using the Copy and Paste commands, or simply dragging the files into Grano’s FTP.
Please note! To ensure confidentiality, clients are unable to see the files in our FTP, this means that also you cannot see the files you upload.
If possible, avoid using accented letters (õ, ä, ö, ü) in file names, as well as periods and commas. In their place, we recommend using dashes and underscores (- _). Otherwise the uploading may produce an error message.
In order to print files sent by FTP we ask that you submit the order the same way as by ordering via e-mail. You need to send us the file names you uploaded as well as the quantity and other information concerning colour or black-and-white printing, binding, deadline etc.

Our two service points in Tallinn:

• Rävala pst 8 Mo – Fr 9.00 – 17.30, entrance directly from the street
• Mustamäe tee 50 Mo – Fr 8.30 – 17.00, 1st floor, entrance via the Mustamäe side of the building, free parking in front of the building