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Services A-Z

All possible bindings – diploma theses, comb and wire binding, book binding
Custom cutting of paper, cardboard, different boards – from flyers to advertising boards and fair furniture
From a passport copy up to large format drawings or posters, colour or black and white
Milleks iganes šabloone vaja, saame neid lõigata nii kartongist kui erinevatest plaatidest
We design all printed materials that you may need!
Printed material can be made more unique, giving them a distinctive shape through die cutting
Use foil printing to add an effect to printed matter – gold, silver, colour available with special order
Laminating protects printed material or helps to add an effect
Personalised invitations, document covers – everything that you need!
Large format photos and interior pictures for interiors and exhibitions
We print whatever you need – from simple documents to diploma theses, books and fair furniture and advertising boards
We print on different boards, for use in interior spaces as well as outdoors – interior pictures, advertising boards, site notice boards, and much more.
We print drawings in black and white and colour, with a width of up to 1.5m
Ehitusprojektide failihaldussüsteem
We scan everything, from photos to large format illustrations or drawings