Photo on foam board

We print large format photos and design on photo paper and mount it onto a light and rigid foam board – KAPA. We use high quality Canon and Tecco photo paper to print photos.
Our selection includes matte, semi-matte or satin and glossy paper.

The maximum size of a KAPA photo is 950 x 1350 mm. If you would like a bigger picture, then we can print one directly onto a board, doing so with poster quality.
The printed photo is placed on a 5 mm or 10 mm KAPA Fix board.
The KAPA board set includes hanging loops.
In addition, we offer metal frames for KAPA photos, which are available in different tones. Samples can be examined at our shop.
If you like, we can prepare a collage of your photos. To ensure the best result, we recommend selecting pictures that are similar in terms of their lightness and darkness.

If you don’t have a suitable photo, then you can find one here Istockphoto. Picture files can be purchased from us.

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Birgit Karras

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