User manuals

User manuals, brochures, catalogues

User manuals are included with equipment, devices and vehicles.
Catalogues and price lists with the company’s products. For the most part, quantities are uneven and must be transported across the country. We have a solution to those challenges.

We are now in our third decade of producing brochures and books that are essential for business on a demand-led basis, meaning that they are not left to sit in a warehouse but are instead produced in parallel to the volume sold or immediately required quantities. After which we arrange for the assembly of the products and delivery to their destination.

We offer a good price level for quantities starting at only a few dozen copies. Printed matter with colour as well as black and white content is affordable. Saddle stitching is used to bind printed matter with fewer pages in the form of brochures, with materials subject to heavier use being bound with a stronger PUR adhesive or wire binding. We use traditional hot adhesive when binding materials that are thicker in volume.

To receive a price quote and advice, please contact Grano’s sales department.

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Common binding styles

Comb binding
Adhesive binding
Saddle-stitch binding
Eyelet clamp binding
Saddle-stitch binding (top)
Corner staple


Birgit Karras

Birgit Karras

sales consultant
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Sigrid Lemba

Sigrid Lemba

sales consultant
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Gabriel Koplimaa

Gabriel Koplimaa

head of sales department
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