A book printed on paper stands up to the ever increasing pace of development of the digital world while continuing to be the first choice of readers. For several years we have offered, alongside traditional methods, modern, demand-based service of printing books, since one does not think of the technology used to manufacture the book when one is holding a book in their hands – the important thing is the book itself.

Grano’s production is environmentally friendly. Deadlines remain short, and the price of the books is affordable for consumers.
Grano is a reasonable choice for professional publishers as well as those who are just starting out. We are a knowledgeable partner, if you require soft or hardcover books.
We offer printing books ranging from only a few copies to hundreds of copies, all at an excellent price level. Book printing with both colour and black and white content are affordable.
Books that are subject to heavier use or books that are very thin are bound with stronger PUR adhesive. Thicker books are bound using traditional hot melt adhesive.

To receive a price quote and advice, please contact Grano’s sales department.

If you have a print file, it is easy to order a book print from the GRANO e-shop.


Sigrid Lemba

Sigrid Lemba

sales consultant
681 6456