Calendars are suitable for presentation as company mementos as well as gifts of emotional value to loved ones and friends. A calendar may not cost a lot, but it is a very effective channel when it comes to advertising, since there are few things that we look at every day throughout the year.

We make different types of calendars, in the design of which it is possible to incorporate photos provided by you, your company logo and also an advertising strip. We also offer calendars with a non-traditional year (for example, September 2018 – August 2019). If necessary, you can also order the design from us or we can help you in creating a print file.
Most of the calendars you may order from our e-shop, you can find links below.

TRIO calendars

The names of months and days on TRIO calendars are in Estonian and English, Estonian holidays are in Estonian.  Moveable date window is also included. A selection of black or white wire is available. Please send the TRIO header picture or design (A4 horizontal – 297 x 210 mm) in PDF file that is suitable for printing. In addition, please leave a bleed of 3 mm.

The lower edge of the header requires approximately 7 mm of space for the binding holes, please do not place text or other important information in this area. If you wish, an extended background page or advertising strip can be printed for TRIO calendars.

Standard wall calendars A4, A3

Wall calendars are in Estonian and have Estonian holidays.
An A4 or A3 calendar has 12 one-sided printed pages, a front and a rear cover. We offer binding in the form of black or white metal clips along with a hanging loop.
Your pictures can be used for the front cover and for each month. For the cover a collage of 12 photos can be made.
We also offer the option of laminating the front cover of the calendar.
It is also possible to print an advertising strip for the calendar.

Table top calendars

We have three different table top calendars in our selection, all including Estonian holidays, names of days and months are in Estonian. Of course we may print and design calendars also according to your wishes.

Calendar with page size 210 x 99 mm-s consists of 15 pages. In addition to 12 months it has a cover and the calendars of current and the following year. Horizontal photos fit into this calendar.

Calendar with page size 210 x 148 mm-s (horizontal A5) consists of 14 pages. In addition to 12 months there is a cover page and in the end the calendar of the following year. In this calendar there are also shown previous and following month and the numbers of weeks next to every month. Portrait pictures fit into this calendar and on the cover we make a collage of the 12 photos.

Calendar with page size 130 x 210 mm-s also consists of 14 pages but as it is vertical, it takes less room on the table. This calendar also includes cover, 12 months and the calendar of the following year in the end. In this calendar there are also shown previous and following month and the numbers of weeks next to every month. Horizontal photos fit into this calendar.

We use white or black metal comb for binding the calendars. All table top calendars can be printed two-sided so that the same month is on both sides, so you may put them on a counter, for example.

Poster calendars

Poster calendars have 12 months and one picture, with different placements – vertical or horizontal.
We print on 120-160 g paper, as well as cardboard or boards – KAPA, White cardboard, PVC.
Formats: A3, A2, A1

See also: Printing on a board

Pocket calendars

Pocket calendars, with one photo, are printed on 280 g white paper, laminated with matt laminate and corners are rounded. In addition, it is possible to use different types of paper, for example, sparkling 300 g Curious Metallics papers. Minimum quantity is 18 pcs


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