f you would like to mark your products or put the company’s logo and opening hours on a window or door, then you will need different types of stickers to do so. Stickers are often the most flexible way to label products or add mandatory Estonian-language information. Floor stickers are an excellent means for drawing attention during a campaign, since they are never overlooked.

Our equipment prints and cuts stickers in any shape.
We also offer the option of ordering installation.


See the catalogs of stickers (the catalog is in Estonian)

Kataloog 1

Kataloog 2

The material for stickers cut from adhesive film has a maximum width of 1.2 m.
The width of a printed roll of sticker material is 1.6 m.

Design requirements:

In the case of a completed design, we ask that you submit a PDF file containing the design for one sticker or label; we will make the layout ourselves.

If necessary, we can also help you to prepare the design.

See also: custom cutting, labels, signs, design works, packaging, advertising boards


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