Table talkers, table tents

Table talkers and table tents are usually three-sided advertising media found on a table. They create an attractive and favourable opportunity to further introduce products to the client. Table talkers are also suitable for use as menus, table top calendars and communicating other information.

The standard size for one side is 99 x 210 mm, but we also manufacture them in other measurements and shapes, if so desired. Table talkers and tents can be laminated with either matte or glossy plastic, in order to add an effect as well as durability.

Design requirements:

When preparing a design of a table talker, it should be taken into consideration that a bleed of 3 mm along the edges and up to 15 mm along one shorter edge, for the adhesive strip, is required.

The design can also be ordered from us.

See also: labels, signs, flyers, coupons, posters, shelf talkers, pamphlets


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Sigrid Lemba

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Gabriel Koplimaa

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