Business cards

Business cards – from the simplest digitally printed cards to the most exclusive custom solutions – continue to be suitable means for sharing one’s contacts information while leaving a dignified impression of the company. We have many years of experience in making exciting business cards. Our designers will be happy to help you develop a suitable solution for your company.

Business cards with short deadlines

If you need the cards in a hurry, we can print them digitally for the next business day, in either colour or black and white. All we need from you is a print quality file.

We also produce small quantities of business cards.
Large selection of different types of paper is available, which you can see in our office.

The sizes of business cards can be selected based on your wish, with the most common standard sizes being:

Business cards from our e-shop

Business cards without special finishing is easy to order from our e-shop . You can upload your finished print file or choose from our templates and enter your own information and logo if desired.
When ordering from the e-store, the deadlines are short.

Business cards with custom solutions

Effect can be added through lamination and/or the rounding of corners.
It is also possible to print on dark papers using light colours and to print with precise Pantone tones as well as the use of spot varnish. We may also perform foil printing with gold and silver.

The preparation of cards utilising custom solutions requires a couple of days to a week, depending on the finish.

If you want the data from the business card to be transferred to a smart device without effort, we may generate and print QR codes on the card. At the same time, that code can also be used as a link that directs the card recipient directly to your homepage.

Design requirements

We require a print quality PDF file with one business card. We perform loading onto the sheeter ourselves. A bleed of 3 mm must definitely be added in the case of colour surfaces and design elements extending to the edge.

The design can also be ordered from us.

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